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Our success leaves from an idea in simple appearance, but whose development and excellence it is possible to adquire thanks to the adquired experience.

  • Design
  • Quality
  • Strength


These three columms are an indivisible group that made our racks and cases an essential tool as much as for the professional, sound, and other companies of the sector, as for other ones even for individuals that decides on a new form to protect and to assure their necessities.

Ours Flight cases are available in differents finished:

  • Wisa form (birch from Finland)
    • Plywood of birch with layers 7/10 10/15
    • Density 200 Kg/m3. Outer gluing resistant type WSP for outdoors already to the boiling water in agreement with the norms.
  • Astroboard (Polypropylene-plastic)
    • Light and highly resistant material available in differents thicknesses.
    • Aluminium plywood. Plywood of five faces with aluminium plate of 0,8 mm.
    • Protection and insulator assured for exteriors and adverse natural means.


Ours inner finisheds are of semirigid, termoacustic and fireproof polyurethane foam, thought to put from a guitar, keyboard, center of illumination, powered mixers to an equipment of sound or any machine or tool that the professional needs to transport.
We have a range of closings and all type of accesories (handles, reinforcements, grids...) of but the prestigious marks of England or EE.UU. such as Adam Hall ang Penn.
In our manufacture we work with aluminum angles of 1,5 mm of thickness and profile of hibrid closing, all it reinforced with squares and reinforcements of ball that form a set of elements that really provide strength, security and maniobrabilidad to the box.
It is simply to try to protect the most delicate things and to facilitate the mobility of it with absolute guarantee of protection.

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natural strengt
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